about us

Sanjhi NGO is committed to developing sustainability-focused solutions in India. We promote media literacy as an essential first step for engaging communities in environmental awareness. Our media training workshops engage youth in community outreach through photography and film with models that are built upon climate change awareness and locally-focused solutions towards the problems. Sanjhi was founded by veterans in social work in India with a collective experience of over 100 years who worked on all aspects of social development issues in rural India including access to energy, women’s empowerment, children’s education and environmental conservation.

Media Literacy

Sanjhi has developed a model of immersive media education through workshops that bring together rural and urban youth to develop narratives that shed light on environmental and social issues local to their communities. Thus far Sanjhi has trained 80 students in week long workshops led by acclaimed instructors including Ed Kashi of National Geographic and Jennifer Spelman of Santa Fe workshops. Sanjhi is committed to developing various models of educating communities about climate change and sustainabile development in order that the actions required to work towards sustainability are built upon a strong awareness of those issues.



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